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Benefits Platform built for the Next Generation of Employers, Employees & Providers

myBenefits is an enabler of the self-funded plan for dental and vision that helps employers and employees save money and provide additional wellness benefits such as yoga, fitness, chiropractor, physical therapy, mental health, massage and more from that savings. We connect employers, members, and providers with our easy-to-use platform, which offers cost transparency and seamless payment using myBenefits digital card.


Why myBenefits?

State of the art benefits platform for the next generation of employers and employees built on data.
myBenefits is a solution to the costly and rarely equitable dental, vision, and wellness programs that insurance companies offer to their medical insurance clients. With insurance plans, only 5-8% of employees will fully utilize those benefits annually, with waiting periods, coverage denials, and copays making them an even more expensive perk for companies and their employees while being high-profit makers for the insurance companies. myBenefits take these profits from the insurance companies. By creating self-funded insurance pools, myBenefits gives profits back to small and medium companies, returning any unused benefits for either a program cost savings or for expansion of the wellness program, giving more to employees.


myBenefits provides flexibility on any of the wellness and perks needed for members. Benefits of Dental and Vision have too many restrictions like use it or lose, only can be applied to dental and vision, only certain procedures, time bounds, and not on other wellness perks.


myBenefits will move with the members wherever they go or change jobs


myBenefits provides members of the cost of each procedure by provider by region.

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How It Works?

Did You Know?

Self-funded insurance is available to all of us since the ERISA Act of 1974 , it is only leveraged and accessed by enterprises with large employee size and financial bargaining power. About 47% of large enterprises with 1000 employees or more adopted self-funded insurance. We at myBenefits, believe that self-funded insurance should be accessible to all including the 97% small & medium enterprises.


Empowers HR Teams with Employee Recruiting & Retention


Freedom of Choice & Lifelong Savings


Direct Cost Savings and Having New Patients

About Us

Our mission is to bring myBenefits platform to millions of people like us. We believe that our lives have changed forever due to COVID that has affected millions of people around the world. We want to take control of our wellness care with myBenefits. myBenefits.ai was started to solve a real problem for members, companies and providers by reducing the cost of wellness care and providing a fair share to providers.

Our mission is to bring transparency between the companies, members and providers.



CEO, Co-Founder

Priyam started myBenefits.ai to build a platform that will connect employers, members and providers. And bring cost transparency, fairness and savings by removing insurance companies. A visionary leader and serial entrepreneur, Priyam previously started two startups 30sec.io and Vobok, while working at Facebook. 30sec was a sports platform that provided live sports content to 3 million San Francisco 49ers fans on IoT devices. Priyam is dedicated to bringing in revolution to the healthcare industry, a much-needed solution by focusing on members, providers and companies by creating value for all.

Alex Kaplunov

CTO, Co-Founder

Alex is an experienced leader with a proven track record of building highly functioning product organizations. He is focused on delivering unique products, backed by technology that differentiates from competition. In his previous role as a CTO at Biospectal, Alex set strategic technology direction, research partnerships, led patent portfolio, and secured seed funding.

Murali Athuluri

VP of Product and Health-Tech Innovation

Murali is an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and health IT transformational leader. He has an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School in Healthcare and has played an instrumental role in several HIT/HIE initiatives including one at the State of Massachusetts empowering 4.5M lives.

Michael Gomez

VP of Product Experience Design 

Michael is a leader in product design and user experience. He understands the importance of simplicity and user journey. He is extremely creative in building applications that focus on AI and automation. He has extensive experience working with health care customers such as Anthem, Walgreens, Delta Dental, and CVS.

Daxeel Soni

Chief Architect, Co-Founder

Daxeel has extensive experience in building engineering products from concept design to taking products to market. At his prior startup, he developed a news aggregator platform that catered to 2M global users. Daxeel is a leader and a contributor to Facebook and Intel hackathons.

Raghav Goel

Chief Data Scientist, Co-Founder

Raghav brings a data focused approach to lead strategic initiatives and operations. He worked at Deloitte for 17 years where he advised his healthcare and retail clients on data and analytics strategy. In 2017, he joined a dental group to lead their growth from a single provider to a multi-specialty office.


Sree Menon

Advisor, Business Development, Growth and Marketing

Dr. Dipty Parikh

Advisor, Founding member

Shrikant Uppuluri

Advisor, Engineering and Technology

Keyur Patel

Board member & Advisor

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